Collective Kassel wants basically frame the inconvenience / courage to live as
a reflection of models that draw their origin not only in exceeded paradigms, but in ideologies, lifestyles and stereotypes too encouraged by
economic,social and media system .

His organization, as an atypical structure, wants, directly or not, refine and enrich a social and cultural human background, affects action paths of research in territories, and economic development, sustainability and decision-making processes too.

In order to do this,
the association aims to promote and support activities and social practices, cultural, economic and political experiments inspired its founding principles, such as:

digital issues to focus critical attention on certain arguments, offering key reading no longer tied to the concept of limiting territoriality.
A point of reference,
a sort of forum where we can consistently present and discuss collettivoKassel’s ideas.



Design and care pathways and educational activities aimed at sustainability and homemade production.

The exchange of time and knowledge in a view of solidarity and reciprocity.

Burning inside to save the soul

Experiences, Everyday Life in a cross fire.
Occasions of conviviality and celebration.
Three days to live, to listen, to watch, to play, to talk, to eat and laugh, to dream and to be visionary, to track paths. Three days of debates, events, meetings, ongoing classes drawing points of view, especially thanks to the symbiotic exchange with local cultures, represent different ways of interpreting a same reality.
Look at the sea or the city burns.
Soul always in balance between the flight and the inconvenience.
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