“Mediterranean coasts are not Europe, are not Asia or Africa, they are just the Mediterranean.”
The fisherman of Halicarnassus
Halikarnas balikcisi, Cevar sakir kabaagach

”The idea is that the fate of the South is not
to disappear to become like the rest of the world. There is an entry in the South that’s important to be protected.
It’s a voice that can be critical in regard to some of the limits of our way of life, influenced by the centrality of the North-West world. The South should must be able to imitate, but also to be able to claim a critical measure concerning a world that has been built on its essential parameters, profit obsession and speed ”.
Thought meridiano
Franco Cassano

Thinking Meridiano
is looks forward to traditions,
is listen the plurality of voices
respecting differences,
means to express creativity
and improve connectivity.

CollettivoKassel adopts these values,
typical of the Mediterranean people,
to recover a “where” ’s consciousness destroyed by too many steps outside.
Sguardi altrove feeds fires.
Burning Forces which, into the ages, have allowed the earth to live, renewal, but fall ever rise again on the wave of passions.



It means to have metropolitan visions of suburbs, to satisfy intangibles needs that contribute to alleviate material shortages,
in order to help a safeguard of territories and rebirth of community’s sense,
Means to continue to dream
through the denial of stereotypes.

We must “meet“ a true and voracious soul, both from a cultural point of view, both with regard to improving the visibility and image of a meridian land , however characterized by cultural and aesthetically appealing visions.

Rethinking a reality, thus enlarging the geographical horizon, and raise the level of conversation through objective observation and critical analysis of context.

A sense of detachment that contribute to the construction of paths that can also affect life contexts.

Kassel starts here.
Since navigate a sea of mediation between peoples, lands and passions.
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